Wednesday, June 10, 2015

21st Century Digital Yount Revisited

I first mentioned Topps' Bunt cards about a year ago.  If you're curious here's a quick link to the post.

Since that post and Robin's two original cards Topps has release 4 more.  Personally I have no interest in  these "cards".  They hold as much value as the images I've captured and am going to share.   Looking at some eBay auctions of the digital cards others don't feel that way and that's fine, to each their own.  But as a Yount collector I've taken it upon myself to also try to be a Yount historian and chronicler of his cards and memorabilia. You won't hear me call myself an expert, by any means, but this is my attempt.  I've even made a page up top to help inventory these things.  Since they don't physically exist they don't belong in the master checklist, but since they do exist at least as zeroes and ones we'll give them their do and their own page.

Topps labels all their cards sequentially as they are released.  No sub-numbering inserts, each digital card gets it's own unique card number.  The "backs" also feature the print run, and depending on the insert sometimes stats and facts.

The two cards near the bottom, Robin's Archive cards and auto parallel were just released last week.  

While I don't put any value on the cards themselves it's interesting to see the designers come up with new inserts and be able to release them in digital packs immediately.  And while some inserts are based on  real inserts from various Topps products it'll be interesting to see if any of these digital designs make it into the physical product.

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