Wednesday, June 24, 2015

2010 Topps Cards Your Mom Threw Out 1975

Card Manufacturer: Topps
Year: 2010
Card Set: Series 1 Baseball
Card Number: CMT-24
Card Type: Insert 
Insert Set: Cards Your Mom Threw Out - Basic Back

In 2010 Topps hit upon an idea that ended up being hugely successful, The Cards Your Mom Threw Out online promotion.  If you don't remember the premise I'll sum it up.  Seeded in Series 1, 2 and Update were code cards.  You set up an account online, entered your codes, and you got a card.  Then you could trade that card or have it actually shipped to you.  I can't remember what Topps charged for shipping, heck it might have even been free.  I ended up getting some great 50's and 60's cards.  Not of anyone big, but it was cool to unlock a 56 Topps card.  Of course I also unlocked a huge amount of junk wax and condition was an issue, but free cards are free cards.  Topps continues with it's online code promotions today, but they pale in comparison to this first attempt.  

In addition to the promotion Topps also had an insert called Cards Your Mom Threw Out that ran through all three series.  They featured classic cards from all years and also featured an original back parallel.  Robin would get two cards in the set, his 1975 rookie card was featured in Series 1 and his 1985 Topps card for some reason in Series 2.  Topps loves to reprint it's old cards and maybe it's time they stop.  At least once a year I think we get a reprint of some sort of Robin's 1975 card.

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