Monday, June 1, 2015

2003 Upper Deck Play Ball

Year: 2003
Card Manufacturer: Upper Deck
Card Set: Play Ball
Card Number:34
Card Type: Base

I personally believe that base cards just don't get enough love.  Now days it's all fancy relic auto button cards, but there was a time when all you got was base cards.  It was possible your favorite player might be featured on more than one and it's also possible he  might be in a special mail in offer or even get a Hostess card.  Ahem, I'm not that old, but it's true, seems like the base set in any given series is just filler for the hits, where it use to be the an inserted autograph or relic was like winning the lottery not mandatory in selling a product.

Well 2003 Upper Deck Play Ball sure isn't a throwback to just base cards, but there are some nice ones in the set.  Besides the base there were two parallel sets to chase, the red backs and minis.  Plus the set does have relic cards to chase and other goodies.  I should note that the mini cards have a different background.

Play Ball was Upper Decks answer to Topps' 206 and 205 and Donruss Diamond Kings artcentric releases.  I don't remember ever opening a pack of this, let alone a box, but in 2003 there was more baseball sets produced than anytime in history so it doesn't surprise me that I missed it. 

Over all the card is fairly simple and pays homage to the 1941 set.  Choosing to copy the colorful 1941 release over the black and white 1940 cards seems like a no brainer.  Looking through the set the artwork is pretty well done and was one of the selling points of the set.  

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