Sunday, June 7, 2015

New Yount Alert

We have two new products coming out this Wednesday and Robin has cards in both of them.

Robin has a base card in Topps Archives and this time he's on a card design he's never been featured on.  The past two years Robin was also in the Archives base set, but featured on a designs that he'd actually had a card in those original sets.  This year he's featured on the 1957 design and will have all the parallels that go along with it. He is also featured in the original buy back autograph set.  How many cards is that?  Who knows.

He's also featured in Topps Finest - Finest Generations insert set and the parallel cards.  He's not featured in the autograph set.

Topps also released some new online wall art featuring the new Finest design. Robin has two card available, or were available.  His base card in numbered to 49 and is $69.99, He also has a gold parallel numbered to 1 that someone has already purchased, that card was offered for $199.99.

The nice thing with the online wall art is we get to see what Robin's Topps Finest card will look like.

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