Friday, January 3, 2014

1993 Diamond Marks

Card Manufacturer: Colla Collection
Card Set: Diamond Marks 
Year: 1993
Card Number: NNO
Card Type: Base

If you're like me, you like reading. And when you stop reading you need to mark your page. Sure you can dog ear a page or lay the book open, but most of us like using bookmarks. And what better way to mark you page than with a bookmark featuring a baseball star in 1993?  

Well Barry Colla made that possible with his Diamond Marks.  These were marketed as bookmarks not baseball cards, but lets be honest, they're baseball cards. Around the same time we saw the return of the tall boy format cards with Gameday Football and Basketball and widevision cards. These really were no different and we knew it.  I don't ever remember seeing these on the shelves and they only came out in 1993. They are sharp looking cards though. Great photography, book theme on the back.

There are 120 cards in the set and there are  Terry Smith Art card inserts falling about one per box. However none of the cards are numbered. So most checklists have these cards numbered how they fall alphabetically. Sometimes you see them grouped by team and numbered.  The Standard Catalog has this as number 93, COMC has it listed as 119.

Barry Colla put out other sets in the early nineties as well. The Standard Catalog list 13 other issues not counting the Diamond Marks, mainly postcards.

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