Sunday, January 12, 2014

1989 Topps Baseball Talk Pack

Card Manufacturer: Topps
Card Set: Baseball Talk Collection
Year: 1989
Card Number: 56
Card Type: Record Card
Product: Unopened Pack

An interesting idea from Topps, just not executed very well.  
Plus you had to buy the player, which as it turns out was a hunk of crap. The checklist consisted of 164 cards, 4 that came with the player and 40 additional 4 player packs.
You can see Mr. Yount is featured on the front of Set 15.  I have yet to pick up the single card of Robin for this set.
According to the Wiki page about this set the Players use to retail for $24.99 and the set packs for about $4-5 bucks. But the quality of the players and sound was terrible. And this product was discontinued pretty quick.  There was suppose to be another MLB set and a NFL set, but both were cancelled. However you can find a few test NFL packs. There were 4 packs that made it out, but the set never went into full production.
I think I saw a post a while back over at the Chronicles of Fuji where he picked up the reader and some packs off of ebay.

Here's what the card looks like. I got this from Trading Card Database

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