Monday, January 6, 2014

1991 Sports Viewer

 Manufacturer: Sports View
 Set: Sports Viewer 
Year: 1991
Number: NNO
Product: Sealed Viewer

Here's a great little oddball collectible for you.  I picked this up a few years back and also got a Andy Van Slyke viewer. The Van Slyke has found a better home, but Mr. Yount's Sports Viewer rests comfortably in my collection.  The back says that there are two series, a team and superstar. And doing some searches on the internet, I've come across a few other viewers that are mounted on cards and others that are packaged in bags.  Which leads me to believe that the card backed viewers are possibly the Superstar series and the bagged views are team issues.  I know that for the Brewers there are also a BJ Surhoff, Paul Molitor, and Dave Parker. I've also read on the internet that some people bought these at stadiums, I'm sure some were also available at stores too.  

Along with the Yount and Van Slyke, I've also seen George Brett and  Ripken Bros. on cards and Will Clark, Ken Griffey Jr, Bo Jackson, Fernando Valenzuela, Jim Palmer, and the other Brewers listed above in bags. And I know there is also a Rickey Henderson viewer commemorating his stolen base record. It's also possible the card mounted viewers were issued in a different year than the bagged ones. Indeed from images I've found the Yount has a 1990 copyright date and the bagged ones are copyrighted in 1991 or at least some of them are.  I ended up starting a thread over at Freedom Cardboard to see if any other collectors knew more than me and got some nice response. Still some questions about the issue but you can read the witty banter HERE.  There are also a lot of other photos posted and if you have a viewer not on the checklist let us know.

Here's a view through the peep hole. If my Yount wasn't still mounted on the card I'd show you the slide which is removeable from the viewer. I tried to find a source image, but was unable to find anything online.

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