Thursday, January 2, 2014

1975 White Hen Pantry Milwaukee Brewers Team Ruler

 Manufacturer: Whie Hen Pantry
 Set: 1975 Milwaukee Brewers
Year: 1975
Type: Ruler

A great oddball item from 1975.  I hate calling this item a rookie item, simply because all Yount fans know that Robin broke into the majors in 1974, but he has no merchandise with his visage until 1975.  But since all Yount's rookie cards are in 1975 I guess we can lump this into the rookie catagory.

Alright enough nitpicking. What we have here is a 1975 White Hen Pantry Milwaukee Brewers Team ruler that features a very young Robin Yount.  It also has most of the team and of course the other big name on the ruler is Hank Aaron.  

White Hen Pantry was a chain of convenience stores that started in Des Plains, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. They also had a large number of stores in New England, mainly Massachusetts and New Hampshire and I'll assume that they also had a large number in southern Wisconsin, but I can't find any good information on that.  I would have also thought that since the company was based in Illinois that they might also have issued some Chicago team related stuff, but the only other ruler I found was the 1972-73 Milwaukee Bucks.  Alas, White Hen is no more, in 2010 all of it's stores were rebranded as 7-11's.

But this is still a pretty cool oddball item. And it's even useful. I don't have a 1972-73 Bucks ruler, but from images I've seen they appear to be a hard plastic rule. These 1975 Brewers rulers are made of thin plastic and flexible. I'm not sure if this was a stadium giveaway, which is likely, or these were sold or given away at stores in Wisconsin.  As to the rarity who knows. I'm sure some of these were used, others probably just thrown away, but they do appear on ebay from time to time usually in the $10 dollar range. I can't remember what I got these two rulers for, but I know it was well under that price.


  1. Cool items like this are why I like Player Collections of retired players.

  2. I have the Bucks' ruler.... my father retired from White Hen Pantry after 30+years

  3. I have the Bucks' ruler.... my father retired from White Hen Pantry after 30+years

  4. white hen gave these away at there store in Lake Geneva,WI back in 75 , i have a stack of them lol