Friday, January 10, 2014

1992 U.S. Oil Commemorative Pin #2

Card Manufacturer: U.S. Oil
Card Set: U.S. Oil Commorative Pin collection
Year: 1992
Card Number: NNO
Card Type: Premium giveaway?
Note: comes with pin and pin tab

Believe it or not I have quite a few Yount pins. And there are even more I don't own. 
A quick story on how I even know this one existed or that it was produced in 1992. In 2008 I was obsessed with trying to find or put together a Robin Yount checklist. I had found a few from days gone by, but nothing that had the old stuff and the more current issues. Then I found a guy on ebay selling checklists for cheap. I'm not sure exactly how he made them, I would assume he had a Beckett membership and was just downloading checklists and selling them on ebay, since he had tons to offer and even stated that if you didn't see what you were looking for he could make a checklist for any player.  Regardless, I have to say for the few dollars I spent the checklist was pretty comprehensive, at least up to 2008. And while I was hoping for a checklist that had every piece of Yount memorabilia in it, it did have just about every card.  And after combing through the spreadsheet I found an interesting one. This U.S. Oil pin card. hmmmm. I searched and really couldn't find anything about them, even on ebay I struck out.  But eventually one popped up for sale and I scooped it up.  

And after a recent short search on the internet I've discovered a few other things.  There were 4 pins offered in this set. This is Pin #2 commemorating Robin's two MVP awards. Pin #1 commemorated Paul Molitor's 39 game hitting streak, Pin #3 commemorated Juan Nieves 1987 no-hitter, and Pin #4 commemorated the Brewers 1982 American League Championship.

I'm not exactly sure how the pins were distributed. Most likely they were either available for purchase at U.S. Oil gas stations or were a give away with a fill up.  The pins came  fixed to a back with a player card in a zip loc bag. The bottom portion, which has the pin attached, has a perforated edge and you could remove it to just have the card.  Most of these I've seen for sale still come in their original bags and are pretty beat up.
The bottom potion of mine had come apart and as you can see has been reattached with tape.
Here's a close up of the pin.
A great odd ball item and the pin is of pretty decent quality.

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