Monday, January 11, 2016

Year in Review

Wow hard to believe the year is really over.  This year flew by.  All in all a pretty good year. This has been the first summer in a long time I've gotten to stick around home for most of it.  Got a trip down to Wisconsin for my brother's wedding and a trip down to Indiana for my wife's family Christmas.

On the posting side I've reached some big blogging milestones on this blog. While most of my other blogs have really suffered from my general malaise in the overall trading card world, my passion for my Yount collection has really kept me going.  It's been  few years now since I really refocused the blog on featuring every one of Robin's cards in it's own solo post so that I can link it to my collection checklist.  I have no intention of stopping that. As a matter of fact I have almost 400 items scanned and drafts ready to go.  I also blew away my previous yearly post total and if I had tried a little harder I might have doubled it.

I also decided to sponsor Robin's player page over at the Trading Card Database.  It's something I've wanted to do for awhile now, not just to promote the blog, but I also wanted to help support the database, as it's  one of my favorite card collecting resources.  I've also made it a mission to try and find as many images of Robin's cards I can to help archive them in the database and to correct and add any card information I find.

On the collection side I really haven't added that many pieces to the collection.  That's due to a couple factors.  One is available funds and the fact that I've reached a point where most of the cards I don't have in my collection are expensive relics and autos.  But I have managed to add a few great pieces I've featured recently.  As it stands the collection holds about 1050 items.  That includes everything, cards, magazines, drinkware, bobbleheads, etc.

The other aspect of the blog is collecting Yount card news. Whether it be new cards, like sorting our the Cooperstown inserts and base cards, documenting all the cards Topps put out in it's Archives Signature Series, keeping up with the fringe card producers like Leaf and Hits, or just finding out something new about something old, like Hostess cards. I want the Yount Collector to be that place that documents, archives, and educates the few of us who love to collect Robin Yount. But I also want it to be a tool if you collect other players and are looking for information on sets, maybe you'll gleam a little info from here as well.

I've also added a link list to other great player collection sites and blogs.  Like 4192 Cards that's all about Pete Rose, The Tim Wallach Collector, The Mark Grace Collector, The Junior Junkie, Collecting Sandy Alomar Jr., and Nachos Grande where Chris loves the Barry Larkin. That being said if you have a blog committed to a player collection drop me a line I'll add you to that list.

I've also kept a pretty up to date checklist with all of Robin's cards released this year and I plan on doing that next year as well.  With National Treasures pretty much being the end of the 2015 Baseball card releases Robin's card count stands at 251, but that doesn't include a bunch of cards from HITS, so when I can figure that checklist out I'll added it. I also updated the Trading Card Database with all of the different variations of the Brewers Police issue cards thanks to Tony L for the checklist of issuing towns and cities.  Right now Robin's total card count stands at just under 5000 cards.  As I continue to add and help correct checklists on the site I'm sure that total will over top the 5K early this year.

I'll have a State of the Blog post soon, yep another one of those.  Thanks for reading.

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