Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Baseball Cards Magazine - Sept. 1990

Year: 1990
What? Baseball Cards Magazine with Robin on the Cover
Date: Sept 1990

One of my goals this year is to add more Yount reading material to the collection.  As it is I have a few magazines and programs, but it's an area I have a ton of room to add to.  This gem comes from 1990 and I can remember buying this right off the rack.  I've mentioned this before, but my father was in the Army right up until I graduated High School and his last post was in Berlin, Germany.  I worked on the compound that housed the commissary, PX, Burger King, and bookstore.  So on my way home from work, I worked at Burger King in high school, I would stop by the base bookstore, which was close to where I picked up the bus to my housing area and peruse the comic books and magazines.  Baseball Cards was one of my favorite magazines to pick up and I was pretty religious about picking up the newest issue.  I still have most of them squirreled away somewhere. The bookstore didn't get Beckett, so this was my price guide and it had great articles.  Plus the magazine was the thickness of a small towns telephone book.  It was full of mail order advertisments.  This issue was great for a couple of reasons.  First of course it features Robin on the cover and secondly there is a great checklist for Robin that's not too shabby for 1990 and a great article.  Baseball Cards also had baseball cards!  In every issue there were 6 cards, two 3 panel sheets inserted into the magazine and this issue featured rookie cards of Sammy Sosa and Robin Ventura. (Sorry I didn't scan them)

I really do love those old mail order ads and looking at what stuff was going for back then.  Crazy what some of the prices were.

Here's the obligatory look what Robin's rookie card was going for in the price guide.
Beating George Brett in 1990!

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