Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Clearing up some confusion with Panini's 2015 Cooperstown.

I've been trying to sort out this year's Cooperstown offering from Panini.  Robin has quite a few cards to chase in the set and as I've been watching stuff on ebay I've become more and more confused with what card is in what insert set.  But I have been able to piece some stuff together.  Mainly from using the backs of the printing plates which actually list the set the card is in.

Robin has 3 cards that all look like base cards.

At first I wondered if they were variants, because they all are numbered 82 and from what I've seen all have the same backs.

Then I found this..
 which had a back also listed.

So now I know that the card with Robin swinging is in the HOF Chronicles set.  One down.

Next I did some looking around I did find a printing plate with Robin holding his HOF plaque, but it didn't have an image of the back, so I looked though all the printing plates I could find and I found that images of players with holding their plaques or giving a speech or some other induction activity were in the HOF Induction set.  So I reasonably deduced that this card was in the HOF Induction set.
 Not to be confused with the Induction Images which are foil board and Robin's card is #26 in the set like the one below.

That leaves us with one card which I can reasonably say is the actual base card to the base set.

So in summary

Base card
HOF Induction insert card

HOF Chronicles insert card, this one happens to be the red parallel version.
Induction Images insert, the card that actually says Induction on it.

I hope this helps clear up any confusion if your collecting Robin or another player with the same problem.

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  1. Now all you have to do is pick up 3 copies of each plus the plates. Keep 1 for yourself and send Tony and i the others, we can go with different colors on the plates. LOLLOLOLOLOLOL