Tuesday, January 12, 2016

2016 Topps Series 1 - Robin gets some love

Topps released is preliminary 2016 Series 1 checklist. They haven't assigned card numbers to the base set yet, but it looks like most of the inserts are there and Robin has quite a few cards to chase.
This is just a heads up and a preliminary checklist.  Once the set comes out I'll do a checklist and gallery post for his Series 1 cards.

Head on over to Cardboard Connection or Beckett for more details.

Back 2 Back #B2B-8 Paul Molitor - Robin Yount
Berger's Best #BB-26
Berger's Best Autographs #BBA-RY  #/25
Berger's Best Autograph Relics #BBAR-RY #/10
Scouting Report Autographs #SRA-RY
Team Logo Pin Relic #TLP-RY

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