Sunday, September 13, 2015

1988 Score

Year: 1988
Card Manufacturer: Score
Set: Baseball
Card Number: 160
Card Type: Base

I can remember buying a ton of this back in 1988.  Mainly because it was new and cheap. The set had different colors depending where in the set the card was numbered.  If you happen to have a set in a box it has an interesting rainbow effect.  Robin's in the blue section and the gold or yellow coloring of the stars and Score logo work well with the Brewers team colors.  Over all the design is pretty safe, but I think you can say the late 80's and early 90's card designs weren't groundbreaking.  I do really like the action batting shot and Score introduced the back photo as well.  Something that would be used by Upper Deck the next year and would become the norm around the industry  especially for the higher end sets.  I also like that there is no wasted space on the back of the card and there is even a really great write up down below the stats.  The only problem I had or have with this set is the card numbers are so small, that's something Score would improve upon the next year.

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