Thursday, November 6, 2014

2004 Donruss Diamond Kings Legends Bronze Framed Dual Relic card

Card Manufacturer: Donruss
Card Set: Diamond Kings
Year: 2004
Card Number: 164
Card Type: Insert relic
Insert Set: Bronze Framed Dual Relic
Card Attributes: Relics, Serial Numbered
Relic Types: Jersey, Bat
Serial Numbered: 030/100

Here is a set that's going to be featured over and over again here on the blog. That'll happen when you have a gazzlion parallels and variations in your set. It really is an incredible feat if you can keep track of them all. I can't and  I rely on keeping good notes on what I have so when I come across these cards I can figure out which ones I need.

This card comes in a whole rainbow of flavors. I'll hazard a guess without actually looking it up, but there are probably over 30 to 40 different versions of Robin's #164 card if you count all the color variations, relic and auto versions, and framed parallels. It's almost mind numbing.

But here we have a really nice dual relic.  And I really like the dual relics that have different kinds of relics in them like this one.  I apologize for the blurry image. This card is entombed in a screwdown holder and I wasn't going to take it out.  

Serial numbered to just 100. There is also a nice blurb about the artist and Donruss even tells you what years Robin had Diamond Kings issued for him

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