Friday, November 7, 2014

1977 Burger Chef Triple Play Funmeal Tray

Card Manufacturer: MSA
Card Set: Burger Chef Triple Play Funmeal
Year: 1977
Card Number: NNO
Notes: Full intact Funmeal Tray with complete team discs

If you have never heard of Burger Chef I wouldn't be surprised.  But at one time Burger Chef was second only to McDonalds in the number of restaurants nationwide.  Eventually Hardee's bought the company and the last Burger Chef restaurant closed in 1996.

In the mid 70's you get a Funmeal with that featured different teams and 9 player discs.  It's not too hard to find the discs, but finding whole trays, especially ones as clean and intact as this one, can be hard, but not as hard as you think.  The MSA discs are smaller than a lot of the MSA discs issued at the time and feature a few players not featured in some of the other regional sets.

Besides Robin Yount, you got Jerry Augustine, Jim Slaton, Charlie Moore, Von Joshua, Eduardo Rodriguez, Sixto Lezcano, Sal Bando, and Bill Travers.  

Inside the tray there was a baseball game.


  1. I bought this as a team set already punched out of the tray. The tray is a ton cooler as one piece! How big is it?

  2. I would say it's about the size of standard sheet of paper. 81/2 by 11 or so, maybe a little bigger or smaller.