Friday, November 28, 2014

1992 Topps Gold

Card Manufacturer: Topps
Card Set: Topps Baseball
Year: 1992
Card Number: 90
Card Type: Base Parallel
Parallel Type: Gold Foil

This post is a milestone for me this year.  One of my goals this year was to post more on my player collection blogs.  I also set a goal for myself to see if I could post more this year than all the previous years combined and this post makes the 93rd post on the Yount Collector.  If you take the time, and please don't, and add up all my previous posts that would be 92. So in one year I've more than doubled the content of the blog. It also helped that I decided to on how I wanted to format my blog by featuring each card or oddball in it's own post and to feature any news, like new cards etc.

So success!  And it took me a while to decided which card I wanted to feature on this arbitrary milestone.  I've been featuring lots of modern, post career cards recently so I figured why not go back to Robin's playing days.  And what better card and set to feature than the one that pretty much started the insane parallel craze of today.

1992 Topps!  The first year Topps introduced it's gold foil parallel cards and I remember these being hot.  Not that they were all that hard to find, but pre-internet it was hard to find the ones you wanted.  1992 also was the year Topps switch over to a premium card stock.

It's a great card even if it's a portrait and not an action shot.  Robin in the dug out, the bat cubby behind him, looking the part of the sage of Milwaukee.  And a kick ass moustache too.

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