Wednesday, November 5, 2014

2007 Topps Triple Threads base card

Card Manufacturer: Topps
Card Set: Triple Threads
Year: 2007
Card Number: 124
Card Type: Base
Card Attributes: Serial Numbered
Serial Number: 0939/1350

Triple Threads is one of those issues that it's the base that changes and the relics and hits seem to stay the same.  Robin has base cards in the first 3 sets issued from 2006- 2008 and then didn't get another base card until 2013.  Early in the brands days the base cards were numbered, but Topps stopped that a few years back.  Robin has card #124 in the set and gets all the associated parallels.

Not a bad looking card and it's an image that Topps didn't use too much. I like the feel of these card. It looks like it would take an autograph well and the red base cards make a pretty bold statement.    

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