Thursday, December 6, 2018

1990 Bowman Art Card Variation

Year: 1990
Manufacture: Topps
Set: Bowman
Card Number: NNO
Card Type: Insert
Insert: Art Card contest

There recently was a thread going on over at the TCDB about single and double asterisk variations on the 1990 Bowman Art Card Contest Cards.  The overall discussion was iablout if this a parallel or just a variation?  I think in the end the cards were listed as a parallel and it's own separate set.  After doing a little research I've found out that this variations, err, or parallel was pretty prevalent through out a lot of Topps sets, especially their non-sport sets.  The asterisks has to do with printing and printing plate designations, of which I'm still not sure I fully understand.  I will say that as far as Robin goes the other card I know that this affects is his 1977 cloth sticker.

Regardless the difference is small and fairly minor, but for completists I'm pointing this out, because it's most likely you already have both versions in your collection, like I did.  

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