Tuesday, February 7, 2017

2015 Topps Gypsy Queen Mini

Card Manufacturer: Topps
Year: 2015
Card Set: Gypsy Queen
Card Number: 21
Card Type: Mini Parallel
Parallel Type: Base Mini Parallel

I'm a sucker for these mini cards.  I love'em.  Robin's been a fixture in every Gypsy Queen set since the inaugural release in 2011.  More often then not he's got a base card in the set, sometimes it's just a relic or other insert.  He's also been award a pretty prestigious honor of also being paralleled in the exclusive mini box variations that get put in hobby boxes.  This card is not one of those variations.  It's just the plain old base mini parallel.  But still a nice looking card.


  1. I really like 2015 Gypsy Queen a lot.
    On another note I really like the new image on top. Do you mind I steal that idea for my Cutch Collector logo?

    1. Not at all. I try to rotate in a new header every couple month. Anytime I find a decent scan of a really cool card I'll photoshop it up.