Tuesday, February 28, 2017

1983 Permagraphics

Year: 1983
Manufacturer: Topps
Set: Permagraphics
Card Number: NNO

I have to say I really do love these oddball Permagraphics "cards".   Offered as a mail order product in the pages of Baseball Digest these were offered for a number of years and back in the 80's the full sets weren't that cheap.  That being said you can find these cards around for a couple bucks.  I've included one of the offers below from 1982.  Thanks to Tony L, who I borrowed the image from.

If I remember right there were two different sets offered in 1983 year. This All-Star set and a Superstar set and there were also Gold parallel cards as well, but I'm not sure how those were offered. The Trading Card Database lists this card as #9, but there is no numbering on the card.  Still a cool oddball in the sea of cardboard.


  1. CB, I think you flip-flopped the back images when you uploaded them to Trading Card Database. The All-Star version has the "All-Star Career Record" on the back and has a red back. The base "credit Card" version has the back you've got here.

    The numbering then makes sense. The "150-SSA8336" corresponds to being card 36 of Superstars set from 1983 which is the base credit card number. On the red back, it says "150-ASA8309" corresponding to being card 9 of the All-Stars set from 1983.

    1. Ah ha! Thanks Tony I changed them in the Database. I'll see if I have the right image to correct this post too.