Wednesday, February 8, 2017

1990 Ames Department Store Box Set

Year: 1990 
Card Manufacturer: Topps
Set: Ames Department Store Box set
Card Number: 5
Card Type: Base
Set Type: Box set

The late 80's and early 90's saw a ton of these small box sets.  The nice thing about these sets is they featured all the great players at the time.  So even though they were overproduced they were decent quality and were a cheap way to pick up some cards of your favorite players.  

Ames was a department store chain based on the East Coast that officially ceased business in 2002.  But they, like a lot of their competators, got caught up in the box set craze of the time.  Ames put out two sets.  One in 1989 that featured the 20/20 players and this set put out in 1990 featuring the top active career leaders in runs produced.  And luckily we get a nice Robin Yount card out of the deal.  These cards are the stuff of dime boxes and repacks now and could easily set you back a whole nickel if you try.  But not a bad looking card and a great set with a great checklist.

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  1. Lots of impressive names on that checklist. It's a shame many of the players on the right side faced injuries and medical/drug problems that prevented them from having Hall of Fame careers.