Saturday, January 21, 2017

2014 Topps High Tek Spiral Variation

Year: 2014
Card Manufacturer: Topps 
Card Set: High Tek
Card Number: HT-RY
Card Type: Base Variation
Variation: Spirals

I was digging around my draft posts  (I have a ton of cards scanned) and was surprised I still had one Topp Tek pattern variations I hadn't posted.  I'm still missing a couple variations in the middle of rarity, but I'm happy the two rarest variations are already in my collection.  That said the Spiral variation is not rare.  It's the second most common behind the base pattern.  I love that Robin was included in the inaugural relaunch of the brand.  I was a little disappointed how half-assed Topps was about it though. No pattern designation on the back and all the base cards are lettered instead of numbered.  Not only that but even the autograph cards aren't noted on the card labeling.  But I'm still a sucker for acetate.

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