Tuesday, January 24, 2017

1984 Topps 1983 All-Star Game Commemorative Set Rack Pack insert

Year: 1984
Manufacturer: Topps
Set: 1983 All-Star Game Commemorative Set
Card Number: 5
Card Type: Insert

If you bought any 3 blister rack packs from the 80's you'll remember these glossy inserts. Robin was a 3 time All-Star with 1983 being his last appearance.  These inserts are fun to collect and back in the mid-80's before inserts starting showing up in packs these were some of the only non-base cards to be found.  Plus they were glossy and colorful and printed on better card stock.  You could find these seeded one per rack pack and I'm sure there were plenty of kids digging through the racks looking for cards to complete their set and their favorite players.  These are still pretty easy to find and pretty cheap to pick up.

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  1. Damn right I pack searched for the ones I needed.