Saturday, February 8, 2014

2014 Topps Commemorative Rookie Patch Card

Card Manufacturer: Topps
Card Set: Topps Series 1 
Year:  2014
Card Number: RCP-10
Card Type: Insert Manurelic
Insert Set: Commemorative Rookie Patch Cards
Note: Retail Blaster Exclusive

Swinging into 2014 we get 3 new Yount cards. 5 if you count some parallels. The first Yount card I've been able to pick up is this retail blaster exclusive Commemorative Rookie Patch Card RCP-10.  I don't think we needed another Yount rookie card reprint, but after getting this card in hand it is pretty cool.  The card border is actually printed on and the center photo is the only part that is the patch.

 Here I've tilted the card so you can see the area that is patch. I really like the that the baseball on the bottom right with the position is also die cut and part of the border.
I'm still looking to pick up one of the metal rookie card reprint cards and it looks like Robin's Trajectory Relic card is very short printed so it might be some time before I get that one as well.


  1. Keep an eye out for 2014 Buyback cards. I picked up a Virdon Buyback yesterday. (missed out on one too because it was part of a lot that went for big bucks)

    1. Thanks for the heads up Adam. So far I've only seen one for Robin come up on ebay.

    2. I picked up that one I missed in the lot. I emailed the seller of the original auction with my contact info requesting he give it to the buyer so he could contact me about me the Virdon card. The buyer instead listed it (it was the only one of the 75 in the original lot that he listed, so either he wanted each of the other 74 or the original seller actually did let the guy know someone out there wanted it) I know have 2 different 2014 Virdon Buybacks and on the lookout for whatever others show up. I have like 9 different ebay searches saved hoping to find them all before someone else does.