Friday, February 7, 2014

1990 Sports Illustrated for Kids

Card Manufacturer: Sports Illustrated
Card Set: Sports Illustrated for Kids Insert
Year:  1990
Card Number: 127
Card Type: Base

Some times I miss the days of collecting in the late eighties and early ninties. I don't necessarily miss the overproduced junk wax. What I miss was the enthusiasm of the hobby. Back then there were literally dozens of magazines that catered to the sports card collector and many offered trading cards inserted into the magazine. And while Sports Illustrated for Kids wasn't aimed at the card collecting community directly it did offer bonus cards inserted into the magazine. Cards came  9 to a panel in each issue and you had to cut the cards out.

Here's a look at the issue the card came in. Wow that cover screams late 80's early 90's. You can still find these issues with the cards intact for pretty cheap. You'll probably end up paying more for postage than the magazine. 

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