Monday, February 24, 2014

1999 Rick Rush "Hit and Run" Art Print Vignettes

 Manufacturer: Rick Rush
Card Set: Hit and Run
Year:  1999
Serial Number 979/5000

A few years back I went a little crazy picking up different Yount collectibles. I had hit a wall with the cards at the time and I set my sites on other things like art prints and pins. One of the cool things I picked up was this Rick Rush Vignette. Rick is still producing great sports art and you can visit his website here.

The print comes with a nice folio. Here's the cover.
 The inside flap features a photo and bio of Rick Rush
Also Included was this Limited Edition Certificate and The Hit and Run write up.  

There are other more limited editions. There is the limited Serigraph that had an issue of 190, Rick's Price guide on his website lists those at worth about $3000 now.  There is his Millenium Series with 1000 issued and worth about $60.  The one I have is part of the Vignette release, numbered to 5000 and worth about $30.

I also have found that the original oil painting is being offered on ebay for $7500. You can view that auction here

One of these days I'll have a proper man cave and be able to frame and hang a lot of this stuff.  Still a great looking piece and really affordable. You can still find these on ebay, although the one up right now is a little pricey for the Vignette.

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