Thursday, July 7, 2016

On the Auction Block SCP to auction off a lot of Yount Memorabilia

I get news feeds from all over the collecting world.  Recently Sports Collector's Daily had an article about an upcoming auction over at SCP that will feature some of Robin's finest memorabilia from his personnel collection.

There are some truly incredible items up for grabs.  Robin's 3000th hit ball and bat, a vintage 1976 jersey, game used gloves, and more.  The article says dozens of items, so it's a little vague on the total number of items, but the 3000th hit ball and bat are probably the pinnacle of items offered.

When I saw the auction notice I was a little disheartened.  My first thoughts were that Robin might be in some financial trouble and need the money these items will bring, but it could also be he's just cleaning out the closet, making space, or decluttering.  Regardless someone with much deeper pockets than me is going to walk away with some great memorabilia.  I'm also curious how many items might be scooped up by the trading card companies?  But I doubt they would fork out the big money that items like this go for in these specialized auctions.

I'll keep you posted on the auction and I'll do a big write up once the auction ends.  Bidding starts August 3rd over at SCP's website.

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