Wednesday, March 30, 2016

2016 Topps Series 1 Back to Back insert

Year: 2016
Manufacturer: Topps
Card Type: Insert
Insert Set: Back to Back
Card Number: B2B-8

I was pretty excited to see Robin featured in a few of this year's Topps Series 1 inserts and get the auto and relic treatment, even though I doubt I'll ever own those cards.  But I knew the base inserts would be finding a home in the collection.  I was also curious about the Back to Back insert.  Topps hadn't released any preview images of the set and I always like the Donruss/Panini Back to Back Jacks insert.  I guess the set featured players that were Back to Back in the batting line up and back to back homers as well, at least that what Robin and Paul card commemorates.  I like the idea of the set, but to be honest the graphic just confuses and kind of scares me.   I think it could have been done much better, but in the end I'm still happy to have a card to add to my Yount collection and I always love cards that Robin shares with my second favorite Brewer.

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