Tuesday, March 29, 2016

1990 Post Cereal

Year: 1990
Manufacturer: MSA
Set: Post Cereal
Card Number: 26
Card Type: Base, Food Issue

For those that don't know Topps recently released a new food issue set.  I think this came as a surprise to just about everybody.  Topps and Wal-mart teamed up to offer a 50 card set available in specially marked packages of Wal-marts Marketside pizzas.  I do believe we are now calling this the Marketside set.  Overall the cards look ok, much better than any food issue in recent memory and with full logos, team names, and colors.  I think this gives hope that maybe food issue and oddballs might be making a comeback.  Given Wal-mart is a huge corporate entity and has teamed up with Topps on other Wal-mart only card exclusives, but there is hope for us oddball and food issue lovers.  

And what better way to celebrate than with a 25 year old food issue from Post cereals.  One of the original food issue brands Post first put out a card set way back in 1961.  The mid-nineties would see a return of issued sets starting with this 1990 set and running through 1995 and would pop up again in 2001 and 2002.

Manufactured by MSA the cards feature players in all their air-brushy goodness.

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