Thursday, March 10, 2016

1988 Brewers Police Issue - Milwaukee Police, Stadia Athletic Shoes, WTMJ Radio

Year: 1988
Set: Milwaukee Brewers Police Set
City of Issue: Milwaukee PD, Stadia Athletic Shoes, and WTMJ Radio
Card No: NNO

As a Brewers and Robin Yount fan nothing is more iconic than the Brewer's Police cards.  Starting back in 1982 and continuing well into the mid-2000's the Brewers teamed up with local law enforcement and various different municipalities around Wisconsin.  From what I was told the Milwaukee Police sets were giveaways at Brewers games, but by 1988 there were almost 100 different variations of these cards sponsored by different town's police departments and other sponsors.  I know that in my home town these cards were given out by police officers at the 4th of July parade and picnic.  With Robin in sets up till his last year in 1993 he has almost 700 different variations to chase.  I have to thank Tony L from Off Hiatus Sportscards for sending me a fairly comprehensive list of towns that sponsored the cards.  I added that list to the Trading Card Database.  For me personally I consider the Milwaukee Police issue to be the main issue with all the other towns PD's as variations.  And while I doubt will ever see print runs for these sets I think it's safe to say that the Milwaukee Police cards probably have the highest print run and tend to be the easiest to find.  

30 cards in the set.  These cards like all the sets before them are oversized and unnumbered, although some people use the player number as the card number and this isn't right.  The front features a nice player photo and the back, at least for the Milwaukee Police cards feature a Milwaukee Police badge, Stadia and WTMJ logos and of course a safety quote.

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  1. And I tip my hat to your favorite eBay seller wfbookman who supplied me with that spreadsheet.

    I am totally with you on how I view the cards as well. Milwaukee is the base set, and the others are the variations. On one of my early posts on Off Hiatus, I put up an article from the old "What's Brewing?" magazine that noted that the 1982 set -- the first year ever -- had 40,000 Milwaukee Police sets printed.

    I've never seen another reference to the numbers after that.