Thursday, October 1, 2015

1993 Upper Deck

Year: 1993
Manufacturer: Upper Deck
Card Set: Baseball (Flagship)
Card Number: 587
Card Type: Base

There's really nothing like a great Upper Deck card.  I really do miss them in the baseball card market.  1993 marks a turning point for Upper Deck and a departure from what the previous 4 year's cards looked like.  Gone is the diamond logo on the front and while the cards still have a white border you can see Upper Deck inching toward using a borderless full bleed design that it's later issues would use.

The card has a great photo on the front.  Robin's obviously just hit a dinger, was it a fly out, home run, single, double, triple?  Who knows? But we can see him with his eyes on the ball and taking off for first.

The back of the cards only gives you 5 years of stats, but a nice big back photo.  This would mark the last regular issue Upper Deck card for Robin, but he would get some tribute cards the next two years.  And he has a few inserts in this year's set.

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