Friday, October 9, 2015

1992 Studio

Year: 1992
Manufacturer: Leaf/Donruss
Set: Studio Baseball
Card Number: 200
Card Type Base

I've always liked the Studio brand. Especially as a player collector it was nice to have a studio lit portrait shot of the guy you collect.  Studio got better and better though the years and Panini still uses the brand.  They use it as an insert instead of a full blow card release and I think that works.  There are plenty of set concepts that work better as inserts.  This was the second year of Studio and Donruss would go on to make sets for years. 

I also all the odd facts that they threw on the back of the card.  Hey Robin what's the weirdest job you ever had? Who's your favorite singer?  I'm sure some of these answers might have changed over time.  The back also mentions his wife and 4 kids.  Robin's son Dustin played pro ball for a while too, so did his nephew.

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