Monday, May 18, 2015

2015 Topps Tier One Yount Checklist and Gallery

Topps third high end product of the year delivers what's sure to be some awesome Yount cards that's I'll probably never own, but I'll add images of stuff I find for archival purposes.

Here's whats featured in the released checklist.

Acclaimed Autographs AA-RY #/50
Acclaimed Autographs AA-RY Red Ink #/25 (Bronze Ink?)
Acclaimed Autographs AA-RY Silver Ink #/10
Acclaimed Autographs AA-RY Gold Ink 1/1
Clear One Autographs COA-RY #/25
Dual Autograph Relic Book Cards TODAR-TY Robin Yount - Troy Tulowitzki #/10
Limited Lumber LL-RY #/1

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