Monday, May 18, 2015

2010 Topps Update Black Bat Barrel Parallel Manurelic

Manufacturer: Topps
Year: 2010
Set: Topps Baseball Update Series
Card Number: MBB-156
Card Type: Insert Parallel
Insert Set: Manufactured Bat Barrels
Parallel Type: Black Bat Barrel
Card Attributes: Manufactured Relic, Serial Numbered
Serial Number: 09/25

Love them or hate them Topps Manufactured relics are probably here to stay.  And while Topps' creations are hit or miss, sometimes they're a grand slam.  When Topps put out these bat barrel replicas in the 2010 Update Series it was s culmination on a year of interesting ideas.  But these were by far the best of the bunch.  These cards are incredibly think and the scan does not do the card justice.  They came in a couple varieties.  The base card was numbered to 99 and the ultra rare pink barrel was numbered to just one, but for my money the black bat barrels were the best looking.

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