Saturday, May 23, 2015

2003 Topps All-Time Fan Favorites Best Seat in the House Seat Relic with Paul Molitor and Rollie Fingers

Card Manufactuer: Topps
Year: 2003
Card Set: All-Time Fan Favorites
Card Number: BS4
Card Type: Insert
Insert Set: Best Seat in the House Relics
Card Attributes: County Stadium Seat Relic

This year Major League Baseball ran a Franchise Four promotion that asked fans who are the four players that define your franchise.  The results won't be revealed till the All-Star Game, but while scanning cards I came across this gem in my collection and it pretty much summed up who my Franchise Three would be.  It's a toss up for the fourth spot, but without a doubt my one, two, three.  Yount, Molly, and Rollie in that order.  I love these odd relics.  Seat relics aren't new, but it beats the old bat or jersey relic.


  1. At least they got rid of the lead paint on the seat before they put it in the card! That's a great card though.

    The one thing that, for me, would take Rollie out of the conversation for being one of the "franchise 4" is that he just didn't spend all that long in Milwaukee, and he really is more of an Oakland A than anything else.

  2. I can respect that, but for me Rollie was instramental in the 1982 World Series team, without a doubt the pinnacle of the team and also one of my other favorite players so for me he's in, but you're right I do think of him as more of an A. Who would be your other 3?