Thursday, April 16, 2015

More giant Younts from the online Topps Store - 1952 Style

I'm a little behind on this one, but I haven't seen any of these pop up on the old eBay yet.

Topps has been releasing all sorts of oversized wall art and has a new set out call '52 Tribute putting stars and HOFers in the '52 design.  There is a ton of options.  Robin has 3 "cards" in the set.

Players are available individually and are sized 10x14 on a glossy stock.  Each players base card is numbered to 99 and are priced $29.99.  Players also have a gold version numbered to just 1 and priced $99.99.

There are also team sets available that are sized 5x7 and have 9 cards in the set priced at $19.99, but for $10 bucks more you can upgrade to a gold team set that has an bonus legends card and the cards are numbered to 49.  Robin is the bonus legends card.  Here are the images from Topps.  I'm not sure if there is anything on the back of the cards or not.

The gold pack isn't a bad deal if your looking for a cool low numbered team set and a low numbered Yount and don't want to spring for the gigantic one.  The 5x7  size isn't too bad to display or store.

Oh and the Gold poster numbered to 1 is already gone.

You can find this stuff at

Edit: Thanks to Tony L over at Off Hiatus Sportscards for sending me some scans of the actual card, front and back, and you'll notice that Topps actually stamped the serial number instead of hand numbering.

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