Monday, April 6, 2015

1986 Jays Potato Chips Disc

Jays has a pretty interesting history.  I remember eating Jays chips growing up and you can still find them in the mid-west.  Once produced in a plant in Chicago the company went bankrupt in 2007 and Synder's of Hanover, the pretzel people, bought the name.  

If you were lucky in 1986 you got a bag of chips with a baseball disc in it.  Jay's was and still is a regional brand and since Jay's was based in Chicago it's not surprising that in the 20 disc set only 3 teams, The Chicago Cubs and White Sox, and the Brewers, are featured.

If you're a fan of the food issue cards of Robin's from the 80's you'll recognized the much used air-brushed photo of Robin checking out the ladies to the left.

Even though they're regional issues these aren't that hard to find.  A quick search on COMC shows 13 overpriced discs for sale and every Brewers is there too. There are also quite a few available on eBay.

One of my favorite oddball food issue discs from the 80's.

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