Saturday, January 23, 2010

2009 Topps Tribute Blue!!!!!

Well here are the last of the Younts from 2009.  Since I think Topps Tribute was the last baseball product of last year.  Anywho, it's nice to see old Robin in the set again. 
And the first of the parallels to my collction is this one.

It's the blue parallel numbered to 219.  Why 219? Who know's it's Topps.  I haven't even gotten the base card yet. But I will.  The card is absolutely beautiful.  But I'm not shelling out 50 bucks a pack so I'm going ebay for these.  I got this for minimum of 99 cents so that's nice.  Now all I have to get is the base, the black #'d to 99, the gold #50 and maybe if i'm super lucky I'll snag a printing plate.  I've already seen the red 1/1 and one of the printing plates go on ebay, both for about a hundred bucks.  Way to spendy for my frugal self. 
Here's what the back looks like.

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  1. Very nice! I wonder if that photo was taken at the same time as his '76 Topps shot?