Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Some new stuff to add to the old Collection from Checkout my Cards!!

I ended up posting my whole experience over at Collector's Crack but here is what I got for the Yount collection. 

I've been helping update images at Trading Card Database which is a great resource for player collectors and set collectors alike.  By no means complete, they are always adding to the site and contributing images of cards is very much apprciated and incouraged. 

I like the interface at Checkout my Cards.  It's easy to search for a player and year.  It makes looking to see if they have what you want and makes window shopping easy too. 
The first card I got was a 1993 Upper Deck Fun Packs Glow Stars sticker.

I already had the regular issue but still couldn't find this insert anywhere till now.
Next we have a 1993 Pacific Spanish.

Again another relatively cheap card just hard to find.
And finally we have a 1991 Score 100 Superstar.

I find it interesting that these Score 100 cards are so cheap seeing as you could only get them in the 100 count blister packs and they came only one per pack.    My grand total for all three cards was .90 cents.  plus shipping which with COMC can get a little pricy when buying lots of cheap cards.

I'll be posting the Rollie Fingers cards I picked up in detail over at the Rollie Fingers Collector.
Until next time

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