Friday, October 29, 2010

finally something new

It's been awhile since I added to the Ultimate Yount Collectionnnnnn (echo fade).

But I finally scratched one off the 2010 want list.

I really love the looks of these hat patch cards.  Yes there manufactured nongame used but they still look awesome.  I've had a few I hit opening Topps Products this year a really nice Tony Gwynn and someone else I can't remember, long gone but I've been wanting to get my hands on the Younts.

He has 2 hat cards from series 1, The one pictured above and a "glove" patch card as well, I'm still looking for. 

Also in Update he's got bat barrel cards, the regular and black I have already procured and will be up here when I get them in. 

Also I'm in the works of putting up a list of my collection.  Cards I HAVE which will be much easier than listing cards I need.  Seeing as I'll never have a complete checklist.  That way if you want to trade and you have a card I don't have it'll be easy to tell.

Everybody have a great safe Halloween. cb out.

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