Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A new Yount for the Supercollection.

Is it terrible I've given my Yount collection a name?  The Awesomest Robin Yount Supercollection in the Universe(or at least Alaska) que Queen with Flash Gordon soundtrack.

I don't know if I can really call it a super collection though.  I don't own any 1/1's but that's because I'm cheap.  I had been waiting to pick up a nice 2010 Tribute relic waiting till the prices went down.
And I gots me a nice one.  A nice triple bat relic #d 47/50.

I also finally picked up his base Sterling card, but haven't gotten it yet.  The last batch of /250 Sterling cards went for close to 15 bucks which I thought was crazy.  I probably should wait till next year to try and pick anything else up.  I can get his 2008 Sterling base cards for about $2.50 each right now and the lower numbered parallels are also getting much cheaper.

Right now my Yount binder and monster box is packed pretty tight and I'm going to have to do some major reorganizing and go through the collection to make sure I've got everything all logged and then hopefully post the list here so if anyone has any Younts I don't have we can work out a trade.  Unfortunately I have a ton of Yount. I think last time I looked at my Spreadsheet counter I was up around 2600.  That's total Younts and includes a lot of 500 1990 Topps I bought years ago for about a penny a piece.  I pretty sure I'm up around 500 individual unique Younts.  Yount still has a pretty big following if bidding on Ebay is any indication but not as big as say Griffey, Ripken, or Pujols.

And since I've slowed down on picking up new Younts it seems I've taken up that slack with picking up more Rollie Fingers.  That collection is coming along really nice, though I'm bummed I missed another 2010 Sterling book the other day.  It was a nice one too.

Well keep up the good work my friends
cb out.

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