Saturday, March 31, 2018

All About the Base - 1989 Topps

Year: 1989
Manufacturer: Topps
Set: Flagship
Card Number: 615
Card Type: Base

I wonder out of the hundreds of this card I probably have squirreled away I managed to grab one with grease stains on the front?  Well I'm not going into the archives to scan another one.  I'll be honest I have a huge love for this set in general.  I love the simple border design and the ballpark font for the team name with the player name in the tail. I chewed a lot of gum from these packs.  And for some reason I really loved the smell of this set, yes the smell.  Topps brings back the red and black color scheme for the card backs.  Topps used that color scheme just a few years ago with the 1985 set and I liked it then as I much as I liked it for this set.  In last year's issue Topps brought back the baseball graphic to the backs of the card, but this year Topps returns the graphic to it's place of glory framing the card number.  The last time Topps did that was in the 1981 set.  Again no room for anymore trivia, but we do get the game winning RBI stat squeezed into the bottom.

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