Friday, March 6, 2015

The Robin Yount Magazine and other periodical Checklist

While most of my Robin Yount collection is his baseball cards I decided long ago that I wouldn't limit myself to just those.  In my collection I have baseball cards, drinkware, bobbleheads, coins, and of course magazines.  As long as it features Robin I'll add it to my collection.

So this post is all about the magazines he's been featured on over the years.  This is really a reference for me.  I by no means have all of these, but I thought I'd put to together a checklist and gallery of periodicals that Robin has graced the cover on, at least in part.  This includes, magazine, books, newspapers, media guides, programs, whatever. I realize this is not complete so feel free to chime in if you know of something I've missed and I'll add it to the checklist.

I'll start adding some images when I have time.

The Sporting News July 26, 1975

1977 Official Brewers Program

1981 Brewers Media Guide
The Sporting News April 11, 1981

Baseball Digest October 1982
Sports Illustrated Oct 11, 1982
Sports Illustrated Oct 25, 1982
The Sporting News August 9, 1982
The Sporting News Oct, 11 1982

1983 American League Red Book Media Guide (have)
Baseball '83 Cover R
1983 Baseball Illustrated Vol 19
Game Plan's Baseball Today 1983 Annual Preview
Major League Baseball Yearbook 1983
Milwaukee Brewers Official 1983 Yearbook
Milwaukee Journal Insight April 10, 1983
Pro Sports May 1983
Smith and Street 1983 Yearbook
Superstar Baseball Yearbook 1983
The Sporting News Official Baseball Guide 1983
The Sporting News Baseball Yearbook 1983
What's Brewing February 1983
Who's Who in Baseball 1983

Baseball Cards Magazine June 1984

1985 American League Red Book (have)

The Sporting News June 2, 1986

Brewers 1987 Yearbook (rookie card)

Baseball America November 10-24, 1989
Milwaukee Brewers Yearbook 1989
What's Brewing August 1989

Athlon's Baseball 1990 Annual
Baseball Cards Magazine Sept 1990 (have)
Beckett Baseball Card Monthly #60 March 1990
Sports Collectors Digest Baseball Card Price Guide March 1990 (Yount rookie card on cover w/ Todd Zeile)
Sports Collectors Digest Baseball Card Price Guide  May 1990

Baseball Digest Sept 1991 (have)

Baseball Weekly Nov. 18, 1992
Beckett Baseball Card Monthly #90 Sept 1992  (have)
Milwaukee Journal Sept 10, 1992 (3000 hit)
Milwaukee Sentinal Sept 10, 1992
1992 Robin Yount: The Legend Lives On 3000th Hit comm book.
The Sporting News July 27, 1992

Athlon's Baseball 1993 Annual
Legends Sports Magazine March/April 1993
Legends Sports Magazine March/April 1993 (Yellow news stand variation)

Spring Training Program 1994

Spring Training Program 1999

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