Tuesday, March 17, 2015

1990 Cadaco Disc

Card Manufacturer: Cadaco
Card Set: All-Star Baseball Game
Year: 1990
Card Number: NNO
Card Type: Base Disc

Cadaco has been around a long time, since 1941, but it wasn't until 1989 (edit: make that 1988 thanks John) that they started putting player images on their discs.  And once they did the discs took on a whole new level of collectiblity.

I won't go over how the game is played but basically you put your player disc in a spinner and spin.  The numbers around the outside of the disc correspond with different batting actions.

I'm a sucker for oddballs, especially round ones.

Here's what an example Batting Key, I'm not sure if this is for the 1990 set or not.


  1. I was always fascinated by baseball simulation games as a kid -- whether this one, that electronic thing that was on my blog yesterday, or APBA or Pursue the Pennant. As a kid, though, I didn't have the money for anything other than that electronic one and I think I once got one of the Cadaco games (long since gone, I'm sure). That said, I wondered how mathematically accurate these discs were. It's certainly "pitching independent hitting"!

  2. I have quite a few of the 1988 Cadaco discs, they have player photos too, however some do not have the numbers around the border, still yet cool oddballs.