Friday, March 6, 2015

On the Radar -- 2015 Donruss Baseball

Joy. Panini finally release this year's Donruss Series 1 Checklist. I was running through it putting together my Brewers checklist and spotted Robin in the mix.

Robin will be featured in the All-Time Diamond Kings insert set.  He has card #8 in the set and I suppose it'll look a lot like the Griffey card below.  There are also two parallels to the card. The silver press proof #/49 and the gold press proof #/10.


  1. Cool. Not sure about the card, but at least it won't be one of the five photos that Topps has available to it!

    1. Should start a pool to see how many times Topps uses that 1988 photo (2014 Tribute) with his hands on his knees.