Saturday, December 5, 2009

The MSA Discs

Well it's been awhile since I posted anything on here and I know I don't have any readers but I still like Robin Yount so i'll post for posterity.

In the 70's and 80's MSA (Michael Schechter Associates) put out a bunch of food issue baseball and football card products and a lot of them were in the form of discs. In 1977 they issued a ton of regional and nationwide promotional sports discs.

The most common front is the one above with the four red stars. All the discs have the green sides. There are a few variations in the discs with other players like Reggie Jackson and Mike Schmidt. But Yount only has the one color. There are a few discs that have personlized fronts.
Namely the Holiday Inn and Pepsi Cola Discs. I've scanned all the backs of all the discs I have. To my knowledge the only discs I know I'm missing is the Saga disc and the Wiffle Ball disc both hard to find and they can be expensive.

One of the hardest to get my hands on was this Wendy's disc. A little more common is the Pepsi Glove's. It's not impossible to find them still intact and in good condition but you do seem to see more of the discs having been removed.

There were lots of MSA discs sets issued in the 70's and 80's unfortunatley for me Robin was only in a few of the sets. If you know of any other discs he has I would be grateful to hear about them. You can see all the sets in the Standard Catalog of Baseball Cards.
Until next time keep collecting.


  1. Hi there, curious if you've found a plastic page that is ideal for the various MSA discs? I'm a Mattingly collector, trying to find a good solution for protecting and displaying these oddballs. check out my list:

  2. Hey Vince,
    First off let me say thanks for my first post. Nice to see somebody read something I wrote and to answer your question, I have used the four pocket pages before thats about the only option for a pocket display if your going to put the discs in pages. If you have a good card shop around you they might carry them. Other wise check out or Ultrapro or BCW. The other option for storage is I like to put the MSA discs in a team bag, I use it like a penny sleeve and you can seal it or cut off the resealable end and then put that into a 4x6 toploader. Again a little of a specialty item. They store well in a "shoebox" card box with the middle divder taken out. They nice things about the 4x6 toploaders is they store the Topps Triple Scratch offs well and other over sized cards. Hope that was helpful. Oh and nice checklist by the way I have something similar just not online for my collection. I have another blog too that I rant about all things collectable and such.