Saturday, October 24, 2009

Yount: The Rookies

It's surprising that in 1975 there would actually be more than one rookie card for a player. Topps pretty much had the monopoly on baseball cards. Here is the Topps regualr issue #223, the O-Pee-Chee is the exact same front but I posted a scan of the back so you could see the difference the French and a little better card stock. Also the Team card for the Brewers features Yount in it as well as Hank Aaron.
Then there are the mini versions of the 1975 Topps Issue. I didn't post the pictures because they are the same as the regular size issues only smaller. Use your imagination.
The next rookie is the SSPC set that some actually put at a 1976 issue but is copyright 1975.
I like to count it as a rookie just because I can.

And last but not least are the hostess issue cards. There are actually two. There's the one on the back of the King Don's box and the Twinkee issue.
You can see that the one I have had a twinkee on it. The card is larger and has the black bar on the back. I read somewhere that there are examples of these cards that were never inserted with product and are actually clean. But I've never seen one up for auction or other wise. Most look like the one I got. A little off the subject but there are also 1976, 1977 twinkee's cards too.
The only card I'm missing right now unless I find out about other mysterious rookies is the O Pee Chee team card. But i'm not worried about finding it.
Well here you go. Robin Younts 1975 Rookies.
Until Next time keep collecting.

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