Tuesday, October 20, 2009

1991 Fleer Yount Variation Little Know and Not Worth Nuttin'

Howdy Brew Heads and Yountophiles,

Today I'm going to talk about, and very briefly, one of the few Yount variations out there. You may not even realize you have it. I didn't until I saw it selling on ebay. I said to myself, mmmm, I have a crap load of 1991 Fleer younts card #601. The Standard Catalog of Baseball Cards 2010 edition doesn't even list this variation. You might vary well miss it if your not looking at the right spot.

The variation is the bat tip is cut off. In the other version you can see the end of the bat.

See that almost unnoticable.

And here's one last cool card from the collection.

Until next time keep collecting.

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