Friday, October 23, 2009

2002 UD Piece of History

I've been collecting Robin Yount cards for quite a while now. And with ebay it's easier than ever. But there comes a point when you hit a wall where you've got just about everything posted and you're not willing to spend a fortune on all the quad relic super limited autos ect ect. So it's nice when you find a card that's not too pricey that you haven't seen before.

I remember in 2002 when the UD Piece of History set came out because I was excited that it had 3 Yount cards. But I was wrong it had more. It was easy to aquire the base card #51 and the two inserts Tape Measure Heroes and The MVP Club I have still to get the Hitting for the Cycle insert. But a few days ago I got a nice surprise in the mail. I hadn't even realized when they came out and since, mainly since I had never seen one posted that all the insert sets had jersey and sometimes auto jersey variants too!!
So I whipped out the Standard Cataloge of Baseball Cards 2010 edition and low and behold they sure did.

So here you go the base card and two inserts with the Tape Measure Heroes Jersey card. After looking over the catalog. I see that there is no Hitting for the Cycle Bat card for Yount but there is a MVP Club jersey. Maybe one of these days I'll find one.

Until next time Yountophiles keep collecting.

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